Snow surprised the Finnish driver in Spain – and this time for real

According to the news, snow always surprises people in Finland. Snow has never surprised me in Finland, but it did so for the first time in Spain. And of course we did, what all Finnish people do, when it starts to snow.



This time Romy was really on time to catch the snowball.


Even though we are boulderers and snow is not the best news, we got little excited about the snow. We drove up to the mountain and had a bit of fun. It is easy to get excited about snow, when you just look at a dog. Romy the dog went totally nuts about the snow. So much, that she even ran out of her pullover.

There was no one else at the mountain, so it seemed only Finns are crazy enough to drive up the mountain, when it starts to snow. Or then we are the only ones with winter tires.



The only van up in the mountains.


We did some snow art and tried to do a climbing snow man. In the end it was just big sandy snowball and some sticks.

Down at the village there was no good snow, otherwise I would have made some serious snow lanterns and a traditional snowman.

After the snow fun, we started to hope that the snow would melt quickly and the weather would turn for better. Before the snow there had been two days of rain, so Albarracin started to resemble Font, in a bad way.



Tarja, Romy and the snowball!




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