We are back – Weak Fingers is again climbing, traveling and blogging

We have had a long break from blogging, because of some really sad happenings in the end of our last trip. But now we are again ready to get back to writing and we have started the climbing trip part 2. It is hard endings and new, hopefully good beginnings.


Our last trip got the worse kind of ending, when we lost our beloved furry friend Romy on Saturday 27.5.2017. The lose was definitely one of the hardest moments in my life, since Romy shared all the ups and downs in my life for the past nine years.

She was truly one of the kind and nothing will ever replace her. Even now it is impossible to write this without crying, since I still miss her so much. When I got her, I found out, that she was very unlike the typical dachshund. She was a very kind and sensitive dog. The smell of her breath was really bad, but the paws always smelled like popcorn. She had this own way of looking at you, so that you could see the whites in her eyes. Usually that meant that she was bit upset or in some way unsatisfied to you. So truly a character and individual.

Beginning of Summer I felt, that I can’t take another new dog ever. Summer was full of things to do, but I felt very empty without a furry companion. So in the end of Summer little Luna came into our lives. Life with Luna has been adventure so far. She is a wild and strong minded puppy, who truly challenges us and not always, or even sometimes, in a good way. But look at her, she is so cute. With all that cuteness she gets to be forgiven a lot.


Little Luna in Font.

So far Luna has had many nicknames, from which best are Lunifer and Lunatic. You can also go and climb in Imatra, Finland, where one climbing sector is named after Luna. Lunatic prankster stand start, 7C is great, but hard line. You’ll find the line in 27crags.

On 13.10.2017 we and the little Lunatic monster started our new climbing trip. This time we took the ferry from Helsinki to Germany and drove straight to Fontainebleau. We had an awesome week in Font. From Font we hurried to Albarracín again and now we have been three week here. So new adventures and experiences wait for us and we will tell you all about them here.


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