Nos vemos in Alcañiz bouldering festival 2019!

The bouldering in Alcañiz has been growing in the last two years, so it is about a time to have a climbing festival. Let’s festival on 26.1.2019 in Alcañiz.

The local climbers decided to organize a small festival in order to introduce San Miguel climbing sector and get together all the local and foreign boulderers in the near area. One of the organizers is our dear friend Miguel Angel, so I asked him three questions, what this festival is all about.

Miguel on Romualdotegi 6A+ in sector el Arenal

1.Why are you organizing the climbing festival?

We got contacted by the Camping La Estanca in Alcañiz, that if we needed a place to organize a bouldering festival, they would have a good place for the after party and meeting. We got really exited, even though it is a lot of work.

Now there is a lot of new lines cleaned near the camping, in the sector San Miguel, waiting for the festival people. We have also planned some fun evening program.

Amigos are the best, but It is not always easy for Mikael to get a good climbing photo.

2.What happens in the festival?

The people climb and have a good time. There is going to about 40 new lines in San Miguel and the topos are already updated in 27 Crags. The festival is free of charge. Even though there is no ticket fee, we hope that everybody registers on our website (in Spanish), so that we know, how many people are coming.

If you want to support the local climbing, it is possible by buying Alcañiz bouldering t-shirt (10 €) at the festival and by becoming a premium member in 27 Crags and using the Alcañiz topos.

Here is the Festival timetable:


9:00 We meet in the restaurant at Camping La Estanca (Camino de La Estanca, s/n. 44600 Alcañiz, Teruel), It is possible to have breakfast.
11:00 We go to the climbing sector and start climbing.
19:00 After-party in the camping restaurant, pull-up competition, possibility to buy food and t-shirts, music and socializing.


12:00 Official meeting and presentation of Alcañiz bouldering (in the camping restaurant)

3. Who can come to the festival and how?

Everybody is welcome. You can come just to support, watch or climb. You can find the event on Facebook and there is more information. If you need accommodation contact Camping La Estanca. If you need more information about the climbing contact Anfibios climbing

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