Weak Fingers

Behind the Weak Fingers -blog is a Finnish couple Tarja and Mikael, who are travelling through Europe, bouldering in the best bouldering places. With us is also travelling Romy the dachshund. We are travelling with a self build van and exploring everything new. Feel free to read and comment our blog. Something about us:

Tarja – journalist, writer and boulderer. I have worked some years in a Finnish newspaper and now a days enjoy being a freelancer. I like people and I am a fan of love. I have climbed since I was 18 years old (a long time ago), but I started outdoor bouldering when I met Mikael one year ago.

Mikael – boulderer, photographer and traveller. I have worked all my life and travelled around Europe with a small van for a year 2013-2014. The experience changed me a lot and I decided to quit my job, build a bigger van and live some more this free life. I met Tarja and she joined me on my journey. It took me a year to build our van, while I was worked at the same time (and climbed of course). Now the future is going to be more bouldering, finding great lines to climb and get stronger as a climber.