Why climbers are nuts? 12 reasons

I have learned some things during our trip and one of them is, that climbers and specially boulderers are many times just totally crazy.


Tarja said, that she can’t do this Rummikub 6B+, even if she could.

There is things you can say to a climber and things that you shouldn’t say, or at least you have to know, when to say what. Does this sound complicated to you? Well, it is. This is something I have written down, just to help all the other normal people out there, to understand better and deal with boulderers:

  1. If boulderer comes down from the top, you shouldn’t be positive. Just wait and feel, what is the right way to speak to him/her. If the climber is aggressive and scares you, just act cool and be supportive of the feeling.
  2. Don’t give beta (advice about the route) unless it is asked, but recognize the moment, when you should give beta without asking.
  3. If the climber says it was his/hers last try, don’t start packing the pads. Wait until you know, that it was really his/hers last try.
  4. If the climber says, that he can’t climb the route because it is morpho (heigh dependent), there is bad friction, he/her doesn’t have skin left or because of you etc. agree, even if you think otherwise.
  5. Say that the hold is a jug/good, even if it isn’t, but know, when it is the moment to say the truth.
  6. Say that the hook/foot/hand is well placed, even if isn’t, but then again notice the moment, when you can say the truth.
  7. Don’t say to the climber that he/she has done well and that one move goes well, cause then it is your fault, if the climber can’t do the move next time.
  8. Don’t be positive, cause that can irritate the climber and spoil the climbing.
  9. Don’t be negative or critical about anything, cause that can ruin the hole climbing as a hobby/lifestyle.


    Looks nuts and probably is.

  10. If the climber is depressed, moping and in a bad mood, because it is not possible to climb, be very understanding and mope along. DON’T ever say that get a grip, or that you should do something else than climbing.
  11. If the climber is complaining about the weather/skin/power/tiredness etc. be supportive and understanding and try to fix things.
  12. When you are cheering during the climb, know how to do it right, so that it doesn’t ruin the whole climb. Example: Don’t say that he/she can do it, if he/she can’t.

    Miquel told Tarja, that there was an easy mantel in the end.

    I don’t know, if can call myself a real boulderer or climber, but I know, I sure am not normal either, and then again I like my people nuts.

One thought on “Why climbers are nuts? 12 reasons

  1. Beta spray is the worst. I think people get so excited knowing the correct beta that they can’t wait to share that info, not knowing that maybe people don’t want to hear it. Great list! 🙂 Random side note, I wrote a post about the IFSC now charging viewers to watch their live streams. I was just curious what you thought of that! If you have an opinion at all, I’d love to hear from you here: http://allezgirl.com/2017/04/05/ifsc-live-streaming-no-longer-free/ Thanks 🙂


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