Visit to Vicenza and indoor climbing in Italy

Vicenza is definitely a great place to visit, but our timing was this time just really bad. We did do still some indoor bouldering, ate self made gnocchis and good pizza. Also we visited the real Romeo and Juliet castle.

The rainy Vicenza welcomed us, when we arrived after seven hours of driving from Civitavecchia. The travel from Alcañiz to Vicenza had been long, so we were really happy to get some rest and good food.

We stayed in Vicenza a little bit over a week. During that time we visited the local bouldering gym ViBlock and King Rock in Verona. Both places were really different compared to Finnish Boulderkeskus, but there was some really good routes in King Rock.

Other wise we concentrated on the good food, visited the mountains and learned a lot about the local life. North-Italy is definitely at its best in the spring and summer, now it was raining quite much.

We also learned the hard way, that you shouldn’t drive to the center of Vicenza, unless you want to pay a 100 euros fine. Well, you live and learn. When you come from the country, where there is no road tolls, it takes some time to learn about the local rules and different road tolls. In Italy you pay every time separately, when you drive on the motorway and in Switzerland you have to buy a sticker to drive on highways without fines. Must say I prefer the Swiss way, it is a bit easier to pay just once, and you can drive with one sticker for the whole year.

So from Vicenza we continued our travel to Switzerland, Chironico. But that is already  a whole another story and blog post 🙂


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