This is how you climb 8A

During our stay in Albarracín we have witnessed many hardcore sends. There are definitely some superpowers in Finland and also in Slovenia.  If you don’t believe me, watch these videos.

We have some seriously strong climbers in Finland. Specially must compliment the women. It is great to see the strong and technically beautiful climbing of for example Henna. She achieved her trip goals by topping Periñan del campo 7A+ (in a totally awesome static way) and El señor de los enanos 7B, and she made it look so easy. Henna also took down Bloque fontain 7A as a nice last day send.

We also got the privilege to get to know the boulder gym Balvanija‘s (in Ljublijana) Miha and see his awesome climbing.


Miha on Cosmos 8A.

There was this one small line Cosmos 8A, that maybe some climbers know. You can watch Miha’s send from the video Mikael filmed.

If you cant see the video, watch it from Youtube.

Of course there was also many other magnificent moments like Miha climbing Zombie nation 8A, Pinturas 8A, Evolution 7C and La Fuente 7C, just to mention a few great sends.

And Anssi climbing Zatoichi 8A plus Hilla and Juho sending Pinpon 7B.

It isn’t always just about the grade. I think just as incredible was Sara, who hasn’t been climbing that much, doing 6B, which was hard for the grade. You can see her send in her video.


There was many more great sends and there are still projects left for the next time. We’ll keep the spirits high, and we’ll stay in Alba for couple of weeks until the projects are done (or at least some of them) and the journey towards Italy and Vicenza starts.

Below you see me doing a half a meter high El Cocodrilo 6A with sneakers, cause sometimes you just can have fun and not take the bouldering too seriously.

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