When should you leave Fontainebleau? 3 clear signs

The weather forecast for Fontainebleau was showing sunny, but the reality was bit different. We were still supposed to go climbing, but Mikael came inside and looked serious. First it was just a joke, and then it wasn’t anymore.

Mikael started to talk about Spain and in which point did we want to leave. I got the feeling, that why don’t we just leave right away. The long drive to Spain despite the wonderful Pyrenees wasn’t really tempting. Then again also staying in Font with wet stones and total fog felt even worse. In one minute we just suddenly felt really certain, that now and right away was the right moment to leave to Spain.

We packed the van and convinced Lorena, who had become one of my favorite climbing partners, to also come to Albarracin. So if you ever wonder, is it time to leave Fontainebleau, this is how you now it’s time:

  1. Forecast says sunny and reality is rain.
  2. You see happy people leaving parking with crash pads and the coming back after half an hour totally depressed.
  3. All the stones are wet, and the top outs become impossible.


    Ice and fog, this is the right time to leave Font.

So we started the drive and already after an hour drive it was totally sunny. Of course after that there came fog again and total sun and fog again. The weather is so local here.

We drove about nine hours until Bordeaux. After that we stopped in truck park and spend the night there. Not the optimal choice, but still okay. If we had the energy, and if we had just known that there is some really beautiful little villages after Bordeaux, we had stayed the night rather in one of these.



The lovely Pyrenees and Blacky the van.


Next day after three hours of driving we came to Pyrenees. The mountains were so big and I felt so small, that it was almost scary. This is place, where you understand, how powerful the nature is.

Guess what? After the Pyrenees and after Huesco, Spain looked as France, totally foggy. I asked Mikael, if he thought Albarracin is going to be foggy as well, but he was sure it’s going to be perfect. As always, Mikael was right ;D


In the evening at eight we were finally in Albarracin. So total driving time was 16 hours. Albarracin felt good and the views were so different.


You can’t really compare Alba to Font and maybe you shouldn’t either. They are both very special places. But we sure were happy to be now in Alba. I was totally ready to do some serious bouldering and not all the time worry about the weather. I was ready to fall in love with Alba.


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