New friends and climbing superstars


Nougat the dog is watching sunset in Dame Jouanne with Tarja, Lewis and Lorena.

Isatis, Elephant, 95.2 and Buthiers. These are the few boulder areas we have visited so far. The boulders don’t really end in Font. I have climbed some really nice 5:s and Mikael has made 7 a:s and 7 b. The weather was bad for too many days and all the stones were wet, but now the sun is shining, wind is blowing and it is very freshly cold.


Mikael noticed that in the new Fontainebleau topo book 7+8 (guide book of the different boulder routes and directions) also he is mentioned to have made two first ascents (first climb in that route). It is funny to see the name M. Uponen among others French names and grand old font climbing superstars like J.Godoffe, P. Le Denmat, J.Montchaussé and M. Le Menestrel. Probably the climbs have been made already before M. Uponen, but the information must have been taken somehow from or 27 Crags (important websites for climbers).

We have met new climbing friends from Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Austria, who are also living in their own van. There is Lewis from England, Sebastian from Sweden and Lorena from Germany, just to name few. The lifestyle certainly brings people together and we share the same mindset despite of where ever we come from, how old we are or how much money we earn.

There are lots of very cute and active climbing dogs also. Very different from Romy the dog, who mostly wants to eat and sleep. Just a hint, if you want to have good and active climbing dog, don’t get miniature dachshund.


Romy is resting after a hard day of sleeping.


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