The crazy check-in and bit of driving



Malmö bridge is amazing from sea view and also cheaper.


The morning in Malmö started great with a cup of good Aeropress coffee. We can sure live off-grid, but not without good coffee. Best thing is to also grind the beans your self. Hmm… I could go on about good coffee, but maybe now is not the moment.



Good coffee is everything in the morning.


This time the good coffee didn’t help, when we tried to find the harbor and do the check-in to Finnlines.  There were no clear signs of check-in and when we got to the right gate, we should have had a pin-code, but there was no instructions how to get the code.

In the end we managed to get to the ship and got free electricity to the van during the whole ferry trip. To the non-van owners this may not seem so special, but it is a big thing for us since the access to charge the batteries is limited to camping places (which we are not so keen to visit). Until we get good amount of sun to the solar panels, we have to limit the use of electricity.


There wasn’t that many people aboard. It was just me, Mikael, Romy and the truck drivers. Romy the dog didn’t like the toilet box on deck. I think she thought it was a joke. There was no sand and it was full of water. She just refused to use it and was looking at us angrily.

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After nine hours on the ferry we arrived at 7 pm to Travemünde and it was raining and snowing. Still we wanted to start the drive towards Rotterdam and Mikael’s brothers place.

Autobahn is a crazy place, when you are not used to it. People drive fast and furious. We ended up driving a couple of hours until Bremen, where we found a small and quite parking place near a small lake.


The start of the trip made it very clear that there is a difference in Finnish driving style and European driving habits. At least that is how it felt. In Germany they drive fast and when you get used to it, it is still quite safe. In Holland on the other hand, they take risks, don’t want to wait behind you and make very bold moves, which you can’t predict. Usually the driving in Rotterdam made us laugh. Car wants get past us fast just before the lights, even though there is no lane for passing. In the end the car is waiting in front of the red light in order to go straight, when we are turning. People are obviously a bit busy in Rotterdam.

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