Fantastic Fontainebleau – first time everything


First time in France and first time bouldering outside abroad. I would say the best place to start bouldering abroad must be Fontainebleau. This place is just amazing and it is November now. It is possible to be outside bouldering with a t-shirt.

I took my lucky bouldering t-shirt of my favorite Finnish comic Fok_it with me. So far the unicorn called Säihkyturpa hasn’t really helped to get good sends, but hey it is the second day of climbing for the first time in Font.


The nature is idyllic and the area is filled with cute French villages, which look just like in movies such as Amelie. I don’t speak the language, but so far it hasn’t really bothered. Must admit, that I have been quite sceptic about France and French people. It is so stereotypical of course to think that people are arrogant here.

So far everything has been great. Mikael is of course bit upset that he didn’t climb some 7B:s today, cause it is already for the love of God the SECOND day of climbing. So I am accompanied with a little dark cloud in the van. Must give him probably some French wine soon.

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Fontainebleau – first time everything

    • Hi Cathrine, we have actually been planning also that, but we will see. Have to find out, how it is possible with the dog, since the regulations are more strict and also we have to check the bouldering places there 🙂


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